Friday, November 1, 2013

Ellie's 4th birthday party

Well, three of the four birthdays have now been princess! Seems like that's all she ever wants! I tried and tried to talk her into Hello Kitty or Minnie Mouse, but she wouldn't budge. At least we narrowed it down from all the princesses to just Cinderella and we got away from the pink!
For her party favors, we bought Cinderella cups and filled them with all kinds of princess goodies. Wands, stickers, rings, fruit snacks, etc.
I made the tissure paper pom poms and Treven made Ellie her birthday banner. He rarely wants to do anything for his little sister, but it was all his idea. He disappeared in to the craft room and came out with this sign. Maybe he doesn't totally wish he was still the baby!
Ellie's friends all came in princess dresses, except her friend, Riggin. He came as Prince Charming; he even carried a sword around most of the night!
We bought Ellie a big girl bike for her birthday, complete with the princess carriage she can put her doll in. She wasn't quite big enough to ride it yet, but it didn't take her long to figure it out. She's an expert now and thinks she is ready for dad to take off her training wheels!
I guess I lied when I said we got away from the pink...she did insist on a pink cake with pink frosting and pink sprinkles!
I can't believe my baby is four already! She is growing like a little weed. It seems like I have to buy her clothes every time we go to town because she is too tall for everything she owns. She is super smart and loves doing preschool with me. She'll be so ready for kindergarten when she turns five...not sure how I will handle it, though!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gary's Valentine Surprise

I had to work on Valentine's Day and wasn't too surprised when a delivery driver came in with some flowers. We get people all the time that come into the store to ask for directions, so it really wasn't unusual. Then, I happened to look at the card on the flower arrangement: it said Ellie Jones! Then, I knew something was up. I looked at the larger bouquet and it was for me! Gary hasn't sent me flowers since the year Chelsey was born; 16 years!
I can't even tell you how surprised I was! And the fact that he had gone in personally and signed the cards meant so much! I had thought that maybe his mom had gone in and done it for him, but it was his handwriting.
I also found out that he had sent bouquets to Mikayla and Chelsey at school, too. It was such a sweet and thoughtful thing to send them to the girls, too. He felt really bad about not sending a bouquet to Braquel, but he didn't know her address. We bought her an arrangement a day or two later and gave it to her when her and Keven came up for our Valentine's Day dinner!

Ellie's Valentine Party

Ellie wanted to have a Valentine party for her friends. We went to the dollar store and I let her pick out some decorations and paper supplies. Then we made invitations for three friends. She was so excited to have a "big" kid party!
We decided to stick with the Valentine/red theme for lunch. We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut them into heart shapes. We had strawberry flavored applesauce and red fruit by the foot. We also had some red juice boxes to drink.
We asked each child to bring one dozen unfrosted cupcakes and we provided the frosting and several different sprinkles and toppings. The kids got to decorate their cupcakes to take home to their families.
The kids had a good time and I know Ellie LOVED planning her party and making cupcakes. I was even surprised by how unmessy the kids were!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Treven's D.A.R.E. Graduation

The 4th graders all do a class designed to teach them ways to say No! to drugs. I'm not sure how long the classes took, but the kids got to have a little graduation ceremony. Treven learned quite a bit and sometimes when we are talking about drugs, he says things I can't believe he knows. I always ask him where he heard that word or how he knows what a certain drug looks like or what it's called. He tells me he learned it at his D.A.R.E. class. I'm really not sure if knowing more than his parents do about drugs is a good thing or a bad thing!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Snow Forts/Angels

I was at work one day and the kids called and said dad was helping them make forts. The second I walked in the door, Ellie wanted her snow clothes on so she could show me their fort! They even built a snow couch, a snow t.v., and a snow refrigerator in it! Then, Ellie wanted to make snow angels. Then, she decided she was going to lick the snow like a dog would...silly kids!

Snow Cream

We got quite a bit of snow one day, so Mikayla decided her and Ellie would make snow cream. They took a bucket of snow outside and scooped as much as they could. They added some vanilla and a bit of milk. I'm not sure if they added anything else, but it actually turned out pretty good. The crazy part is Mikayla's outfit!!!!

New Year!

We had New Year's Eve at our house and the crew all showed up! I wrote activities on paper and put them inside of balloons. Every hour, we popped a balloon and did whatever the activity said. We made a time capsule, had a hairy leg contest, and played Just Dance and karaoke. We always have such a good time when we get together and food abounds! We are so lucky to have life long friends and I love that our kids are still getting together as adults and staying friends!