Friday, November 1, 2013

Ellie's 4th birthday party

Well, three of the four birthdays have now been princess! Seems like that's all she ever wants! I tried and tried to talk her into Hello Kitty or Minnie Mouse, but she wouldn't budge. At least we narrowed it down from all the princesses to just Cinderella and we got away from the pink!
For her party favors, we bought Cinderella cups and filled them with all kinds of princess goodies. Wands, stickers, rings, fruit snacks, etc.
I made the tissure paper pom poms and Treven made Ellie her birthday banner. He rarely wants to do anything for his little sister, but it was all his idea. He disappeared in to the craft room and came out with this sign. Maybe he doesn't totally wish he was still the baby!
Ellie's friends all came in princess dresses, except her friend, Riggin. He came as Prince Charming; he even carried a sword around most of the night!
We bought Ellie a big girl bike for her birthday, complete with the princess carriage she can put her doll in. She wasn't quite big enough to ride it yet, but it didn't take her long to figure it out. She's an expert now and thinks she is ready for dad to take off her training wheels!
I guess I lied when I said we got away from the pink...she did insist on a pink cake with pink frosting and pink sprinkles!
I can't believe my baby is four already! She is growing like a little weed. It seems like I have to buy her clothes every time we go to town because she is too tall for everything she owns. She is super smart and loves doing preschool with me. She'll be so ready for kindergarten when she turns five...not sure how I will handle it, though!

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